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4 Examples of Great Employee Testimonial Videos That You Can Create Yourself (Without a Video Crew and Professional Editors)

Employee testimonial videos don't have to be expensive or difficult to make. With Vocal Video, employees can easily record from their phone or computer, without any professional video editing software.

Employee testimonial videos make a powerful addition to your recruitment marketing process by letting job seekers see and hear more about your organization and company culture directly from your current employees. This type of video content provides genuine social proof of the quality of your work environment, which attracts more potential employees to apply to your organization.

The problem? Employee video testimonials can be expensive, and a hassle to put together because recording video content most often involves hiring a videographer, setting up a professional video shoot, and investing a lot of time and money in post-production.

Vocal Video was specifically designed to cut through those complexities by giving you a new and dramatically different way of putting together employee testimonial videos that are both authentic and high-quality.

These videos can be easily created remotely, on your team members own devices, which makes it a lot more likely you’ll get responses to show to potential employees.

In this post, we’ll show you how you can use Vocal Video to:

  • Get your employees to record video testimonials for you just by sending them a link.
  • Easily edit your employee video testimonials for greater impact (even if you have no editing experience).
  • Use our simple tools to publish and share your employee testimonials where and whenever you need to.

But first, we’ll point you to four great employee testimonial examples created using Vocal Video for an idea of what you can achieve with our user-friendly process.

Want to get started recording your own employee testimonial videos without video production services? Sign up for a free Vocal Video account to record unlimited videos.

What Is an Employee Testimonial?

An employee testimonial is a current employee’s endorsement of your company. The testimonial should help prospective employees learn what it’s like to work at your company. Its purpose is to help you attract good employees who are enthusiastic about working with your team. While employee testimonials can come in many forms — audio, text, video, photographs, social media posts (or even taking over your brand’s social media account for the day), and so forth — we believe that video is the most effective.

That’s because employee testimonial videos do the best job of conveying enthusiasm that prospective candidates can see is not fabricated or forced. Plus, videos are more shareable and more likely to be consumed than other types of testimonials. It’s the same reason that client testimonial videos outperform written testimonials when you’re making a sale.

In addition to providing a short take on what your employees love most about your company, employee testimonial videos could include insight on…

  • A day in the life of your employees.
  • Why your employees love working for your organization.
  • What your work culture is like.
  • How your employees experience work-life balance.
  • What growth opportunities are available.
  • How your company values impact day-to-day work.
  • Answers to FAQs about your workplace.

Ideally, potential candidates can visualize a typical day on the job after watching a handful of testimonial videos.

4 Great Employee Testimonial Video Examples Recorded Using Vocal Video

All of the videos we show you below were produced using Vocal Video and recorded on the employee’s own phone or computer, without any professional video editing software.

Notice that all of them automatically include employer branding and colors, as well as slides for interview questions, text overlays with interviewee names and job titles, along with subtitles and background music.


Part-time marketplace Wonolo regularly posts employee testimonial videos featuring its team members. The employee videos are meant to profile specific employees from across the company, why they chose to work at Wonolo, and emphasize Wonolo’s unique company culture. The polished videos are all created using Vocal Video, and the interviewees are very personable.

In this example, the second, third, and fourth testimonial questions are particularly good because they elicit stories and give you a glimpse of the real person behind the role:

  • What events in your life have brought you to your current role today?
  • When you have to make a difficult decision, what do you lean on?
  • If you really knew me, you would know that...

Read this article to learn more about how to ask the right questions for great customer testimonials.


Blueshift company culture page with videos and photos.

Blueshift, a cross-channel marketing company, uses videos of employee stories on the careers page of its website to give prospective employees an insight into the company culture.

This example is similar to an employee case study, focusing on AI Solutions Engineer, Bhavti Sharda.

It works well because the interviewee retells her experience of being nervous in her initial interview, but shows she was put at ease. She gives examples of how communicative and supportive her team is, which helps job seekers feel more confident that their well-being matters to Blueshift.

The videos on the Blueshift careers page, apart from the logos and branding slides, are played back in black and white (an editing option within Vocal Video) for greater image consistency across the testimonial page.


SecurEnds LinkedIn post: Watch what SecurEnds' employees have to say about working at one of the fastest growing IGA company!

This employee testimonial video example from SecurEnds — an Identity Governance and Administration startup — was shared on LinkedIn and was set up to automatically start playing within the platform so potential job candidates could learn more about the employee experience.

(Vocal Video’s testimonial videos can be shared on all major social media platforms and embedded in just about every platform.)

Read this article to learn how to create a highlight reel that merges several video testimonials from your company’s employees into one single video. This makes the video dynamic and more impactful in attracting new employees.


The very laid back interviewee featured in this employee testimonial fits perfectly with the target audience of the MyWorkChoice remote and flexible work platform.

It’s a great reminder that it’s important to make employee testimonial videos relatable to the people you want to attract to your organization.

It’s clear that the video has been recorded on a mobile phone, which adds to the relaxed approach of this employee testimonial.

Vocal Video testimonials can be recorded on any device your interviewee chooses. Get started today with a free Vocal Video account.

Record Your Own Great Employee Testimonial Videos with Vocal Video

Vocal Video lets you put together similar employee testimonial videos to those shown in our list of examples, in just a few easy steps, and with far less time or money required than when you hire a film crew or professional video editors.

Plus, you don’t need video editing expertise in your skill set.

Here’s how you can do it, too:

Vocal Video makes the process of collecting employee testimonial videos extra easy because it walks you through every step.

The first step is to build what we call a “video collector”, and you can find in-depth information about how to do that in our five-minute video, but here is a quick explanation of how it’s done:

  • Give your video a title and add a short note or video to thank your employees for taking part and briefly explain what you want them to do.
  • Optional: Include an incentive for recording an employee testimonial video. This boosts response rates. You can add any kind of incentive that you think is relevant for your employees (Amazon gift card, etc.). Alternatively, you can opt for your employees to be included in the Vocal Video monthly prize draw.
  • Write questions to ask your interviewees or adapt them from our suggestions included in our Employee Testimonial Templates. Our templates suggest three questions, but you can add up to five.
  • Add your logos, colors, and branding to be included in the final video.
  • Send out the automatically generated link to your company’s employees.
    • They simply click on the link to be taken to your dedicated Vocal Video landing page, where they can follow each step to record their responses to the questions you wrote.
    • Employees record responses — up to five minutes for each question — that they can watch and re-record, if desired.
    • Once they’ve submitted an answer, they move on to the next question and record a response to that one, too.
      When they've answered all the questions and clicked “submit”, they are done and you receive a notification that a new video has been recorded.

Easily Edit the Employee Testimonial Videos That Arrive in Your Inbox

The videos you receive directly from your employees are edited upfront to include:

  • Your company branding (logo and colors)
  • Text overlays (interviewee names and titles, intro and outro texts)
  • Question slides
  • Background music
  • Automated subtitles
  • AI-generated transcript

But Vocal Video also gives you the chance to edit your videos further using our own user-friendly editing tools right within our platform. This means you don’t have to download the videos and use third-party video editing software to make further changes (but you can, if you want to).

Our editing tools were specifically designed to be used by anyone, even if you have absolutely no video editing experience.

By just clicking, dragging, and dropping you can:

  • Trim videos to remove hesitations, repetitions, and irrelevant information.
  • Rearrange the order of scenes and questions.
  • Change the background music (we have a huge royalty-free library you can choose from, or you can add your own track).
  • Change the volume of the background music at different points throughout the video.
  • Edit the text in the subtitles and transcripts (to improve AI-generated language or add translations).
  • Create a highlight reel, or montage, to edit together several videos.

These changes are simple to implement, but have a powerful effect on your employee testimonial videos, making them even more polished and high-quality, so you can be proud to share them on all your communication channels to attract top talent.

Share Your Employee Testimonial Videos Using Vocal Video’s Simple Tools

Each Vocal Video testimonial you create has its own automatically-generated embed link that you can use to post on social media, your website, in emails, or anywhere else you need to share it.

You can also send out a link to your videos’ branded public pages hosted on the Vocal Video platform, or upload them to video sharing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

Click here to learn more about sharing and embedding your Vocal Video testimonials.

Vocal Video: Collect and Record Employee Testimonial Videos Using Our Innovative Process (That Anyone Can Use)

Vocal Video lets you create and share powerful professional quality employee testimonial videos without the hassle and expense of hiring a videographer, setting up a location, or getting your company’s employees to take time out of their busy schedules to record a video testimonial.

Use them in your efforts to attract the best talent to work with your team.

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