Aditee Modi for Transgenerational Healing Testimonial Videos

January 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aditee Modi , Entrepreneur

How was your experience of Transgenenrational Healing?

Aditee Modi : Trans generational healing has actually been life altering. It's shown me a way to be, which is very different than the mundane usual. What we've experienced, it has changed my reality.

What are the major takeaways for you from this workshop?

Aditee Modi : The major takeaway is that it gives you a sense of grounding, a sense of realizing the importance and the eternal presence of our ancestors, and that is an eye opener for me.

What 3 words come to your mind to describe the healing process?

Aditee Modi : It's magical, it's real and it is um really life altering.

How would you describe the program facilitators (Usha)?

Aditee Modi : Usha is intuitive, compassionate. Uh you know, I actually lose all the words when I think of her and how to explain. But she just understands and senses way before you are even able to express. She reads your eyes, your facial expressions. She's beyond words to explain.

Would you recommend Transgenerational Healing to your friends and loved ones? Why?

Aditee Modi : Certainly, it is something which has to be must be done. Uh, There is no question about it. Um, as I believe, it is something which shows you a wider or a more productive, a happier and a simpler way to live. It unlocks your own complications and it just frees you to be a happier person. Certainly, it has to be done.

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