Tony Woody Golf SQ

May 25, 2021

Tony's Hip Hook review and the story of how the Hip Hook helped him find his swing again. After not being able to play for 3 years, Tony is now walking 18 holes and shooting in the low nineties.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Tony Woody, US Navy Chief Petty Officer (Ret.)

Here's Tony's story of the Hip Hook

He won our hearts, to be honest

Tony Woody: Open hips don't just have more fun... they don't hurt anymore, either. And neither do the knees or the ankles or all the other places, especially up here. Oh, God, that was so bad. So my first experience of using a Hip Hook it removed about 80% of my pain. And that's when I stood up and realized the impact of what this product that they made in my life, my daily life. I now have power and control back in a holistic manner that only took a few minutes a day. And what it did for me within the first month... I hadn't played golf in years. I love playing golf, and I hadn't been able to play after that car accident or even before that for a while. And so I wanted to try again and within, I don't know, about a month, I guess, of using the Hip Hook pretty much every day, I decided to go to the driving range, and I hit a few balls and it worked pretty good. And then within another couple of months, I was walking nine holes and playing golf. I hadn't played golf in years. By five or six months, I think , after having the Hip Hook -- it's late in the season of golf now, last year -- I'm walking 18 holes playing golf, and shooting in the low nineties, by the way. So that's not bad for someone who hasn't played in years and probably thought I would never play again. But now I can walk the course. Thank you, and God bless you, Christine. I must say that every single time

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