Join us tomorrow for Thimble.io's Knowledge Sessions!

November 03, 2022

Joel Cilli, head of product and innovation at Thimble.io, shares why our Knowledge Sessions are a must-attend for educators everyone! #STEM

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joel Cilli, Head of Product and Innovation, Thimble.io

Joel Cilli: My name is Joel Cilli, I am head of product and innovation at Thimble.io

Joel Cilli: My role at Thimble.io is primarily about the product that we bring to our users. Our users are teachers and students. It begins with thinking about what kind of experience is gonna help them grow, and that's how we determine what kind of projects we want them to experience. Those projects, then become the teaching resources that we provide, our teachers, we train them and we help them to deliver the thimble experience.

Joel Cilli: Thimble.io's Knowledge Sessions are our way of connecting with teachers, sharing the best practices we feel are most important to engage in students with creative technology. Today, we want to welcome teachers, administrators, librarians, anybody who's part of the school ecosystem where you work with students and you bring those products to life. We want to help you think differently about how you do those things in your classroom, how you do those things in your school setting. We want to show you the opportunities that are here and how thimble can help you along the way.

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