Josh Cairns tells us about how BNKR transformed his life

March 23, 2022

Josh Cairns reviews his fitness retreat at The BNKR in Sri Lanka - how his life and body was transformed in just the short time spent at The BNKR fitness camp.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Josh Cairns

Josh Cairns: My name is Josh Cairns and I stayed at the BNKR for just under two weeks, I think it was 12 days in the end.

What were the main reasons of joining us at The BNKR?

Josh Cairns: For me, the reason I chose to attend the BNKR was because over recent years, I guess, through Covid, I just developed a lot of bad lifestyle habits, just poor diet, not enough exercise that had resulted in weight gain, just general sort of laziness and bad lifestyle habits. My hope in attending the BNKR was to do a bit of a circuit breaker, just to stop some of those bad habits and instill some really good positive ones.

What is unique about The BNKR?

Josh Cairns: Having not attended any sort of fitness, health and fitness retreats in the past, I can't really speak too much about what makes BNKR different because I haven't attended any others, but certainly what makes it very, very unique for me was the combination of just the holistic experience. It's a combination of education, diet, fitness and even just the culture, just the other people that are there, there's a real warmth about the place that makes people, again that haven't been to that type of thing before. Feel incredibly welcome right from the start. So I would say the culture and just the holistic experience of immersing yourself in all of these really great positive lifestyle choices is what makes it really, really special and unique.

Has your life transformed at all as a result of your time at The BNKR?

Josh Cairns: It was a month ago that I arrived at the BNKR, so I've been home for just over two weeks now, and I can say my life has changed completely since, since my experience at the BNKR. At kind of a superficial level, I've lost a ton of weight, I've lost 12.3 kg in 28 days, but BNKR has never really been about weight loss, they don't make it about weight loss for me, it was never really the number on the scales that mattered, it was more the habits and everything that comes from that. So the byproduct is, is certainly the headline, which is, I've lost a hell of a lot of weight in a short period of time, but beyond that, I'm finding that I'm sleeping better. My resting heart rate has dropped from like 57 to 42 my max heart rate when I'm exercising, I can stretch that all the way out to the one nineties. Now, I'm sleeping like 7-8 hours a night, compared to like 4-6 hours a night prior. And even just my general energy level is a little bit harder to measure and quantify, but noticeably massive improvement in my alertness and my energy levels and even just my optimism, there's a sense of optimism and happiness that I feel each day which is obviously indirectly related very closely to the experience that I had at BNKR and post BNKR

What would you say to someone who is still on the fence about joining a BNKR retreat?

Josh Cairns: just do it, stop thinking about it and do it. You've probably been thinking about this and various other things to help the parts of your life that you feel needs improving for far too long. Just roll up your sleeves and do it. You won't regret it. It will be a net positive at the end of the day when you factor in everything that probably matters to you that your health, your well being, your longevity, offset that against, you know, whatever the relatively small cost of participating in the BNKR is, and it will end up in hindsight being a no brainer for you afterwards, so roll up your sleeves and get on with it.

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