Daniel for Customer Testimonial Videos

October 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel

When and how did you become a client of Stock Market College?

Daniel: Uh what's going on everyone? It's your boy, boy. Uh My name is Daniel. Uh I won't lie to you. I'll be very honest. The, the customer service on Stock Market college portal is very good guys. Uh If there's a problem that you think you can't iron out yourself, I suggest that you go to your Stock Market College portal and you text and ask them how they can help you. They've helped me and I'm very glad that they've helped me. So, thanks very much and yeah, don't be afraid to ask.

How did you benefit from becoming a student at Stock Market College?

Daniel: How I benefited from being a stock market college student. I'll be honest, I'll be very honest with you. Uh, I, I thought that I'd be alone in it but I'm very glad that there's people out there to help because I'll be honest, I'm an amateur. I don't know anything. And I'm just very glad that there's people out there who are willing to help and guide you throughout the way. So, yeah, I would say that I've benefited with the help of people, you know, I haven't started yet. But, yeah, that's all I could say.

What makes Stock Market College different from other similar products or services?

Daniel: What makes Stock market college very different from any others. I feel like it's them being ready to help you and the quickness of the service, I really enjoy that. They understand and that they are very fast with service.

Would you recommend Stock Market College to others?

Daniel: I really would, um, refer this to many people that I know. Um, stock market college is the way to go.

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