Untethered • May 12, 2020

Courtney Stanley for Untethered Stories

Leading from inside out, in an upside world

Video Transcript

Speaker: Courtney Stanley, Keynote Speaker, Event Emcee & Career Coach, CS Consulting

What are the critical industry challenges facing eventprofs today?

Courtney Stanley: event professionals are faced with a variety of challenges right now, from job loss to furloughing employees to trying to balance work from home with home schooling their children, we're faced with a lot of challenges and curveballs that maybe we weren't faced with before. But I think the greatest challenge that our industry faces is the inability to answer the question: When will things go back to normal? And when things go back to normal, what does that look like?

What will your session cover and how will it address these challenges?

Courtney Stanley: I'm super excited to present my session at Untethered, called leading from the inside out in an upside down world, as our world navigates this extreme state of chaos, traditional business and survival skills have been tossed out the window and we're forced to think and lead differently. Learn how empathy, emotional intelligence and servant leadership inspire a greater sense of purpose more often to connections and a thriving business.

Participants don’t want to miss this session because?

Courtney Stanley: How do we move forward if we feel paralyzed? How do we sell our services if we know that our clients are also struggling? And how do we motivate our teams if we know that our teammates are scared about what their future looks like in my session leading from the inside out in an upside down world, I will teach you how to think and lead differently, meanwhile, creating a legacy that truly matters.

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