Lexi Williams for shiftMD Testimonial Video

August 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lexi Williams, Nurse Practitioner, Florida Ob-Gyn, LLC

How has shiftMD modernized your practice?

Lexi Williams: shiftMD shiftMD Has been a total game changer for one. We no longer have to sort through a messy storage closet to find products in our office. And also using the app to recommend products has made appointments super streamlined. So I'm very, very thankful to shiftMD For helping to modernize our workplace.

What are the top 3 benefits you've experienced with using shiftMD?

Lexi Williams: If I had to pick the top three benefits, I would say, one it's time saving Two, it's easy for my patients and Three, it helps bring in extra income and everyone likes that.

Why should other healthcare providers use shiftMD?

Lexi Williams: If you're not already using shiftMD you definitely should, we have an app for everything else, so why not an app that makes your job easier, more effective and more lucrative?

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