Andrea Klas Lean Body System Testimonial.

July 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Klas

What struggles were you dealing with before starting the LBS?

Andrea Klas: So my struggle before I found the lean body system was more like most other women I was going through menopause and I'm a nutritionist, I'm a personal trainer, I'm a gym owner, I know everything about dialing in and being lean and that muffin top and lower back fat came on like that and it was the most stubborn thing to get rid of it. I couldn't find anything or any product that would actually work so I decided to give the lean body system a try. I knew about CLA And I looked at a bunch of the ingredients in the Burn product and knew that most of them had scientific studies behind them and proven to actually help decrease fat. So I tried them. But that was my struggle that muffin top and thank goodness I found the lean body system because it really helped.

How long were you dealing with these struggles?

Andrea Klas: So before I found the lean body system, I was struggling with my lower back fat for a good 6-8 months, when I started going through menopause and literally looking for something to help because I was dialed in on my nutrition, I was actually working towards doing another bodybuilding competition and I really didn't want to go down a route where, I was going to have to deal with that. So yeah, good year to six months, not that long, but for me, always being trim, always being Lean, never had an issue really getting any sort of fat off when I needed to. So, yeah, and it was a struggle. I couldn't find anything that worked until I found a lean body system and especially trim.

How has the LBS helped with your previous struggles? Where are you now?

Andrea Klas: So the leading body system really helped me with that belly fat and that lower back fat that actually is completely due to menopause. And also a lot of perimenopausal women have it and it's in five weeks I was able to get that fat off. No problem. I lost about an inch and a half around everywhere my pants fit normally. I just felt better about myself. So now I use the trim every day, not one day goes by without my trim and I use burn as well um regularly before my workouts. And I use Activate once a month in order to just detox my body and get my get ready for all the food and nutrients that I'm putting into it. So I love the lean body system and I will be on it forever and I'm sure most of my clients will be on it forever. So love love it. I'm not struggling anymore. So my struggles are gone. Yeah. Super happy, love the Lean body system.

What's your favourite flavour of Trim?

Andrea Klas: Okay, so my favorite trim is chocolate. I love chocolate. It is the bane of my existence and I absolutely love the chocolate trim. I like the vanilla, and I also like mango, but chocolate, I actually use it every day. I actually throw it onto my protein chocolate muffins and it's oozing chocolate. So yeah, that's my favorite. Vanilla is second and mango is third.

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