Nicholas Smith for Customer Testimonial Videos

December 09, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nicholas Smith

What are the core benefits of joining Sellible?

Nicholas Smith: So the core benefits I've received from joining sellible has one I have gained access to like minded individuals salesman who want remote sales roles, people who have the same goals as me. And it's great because I can connect with them. I can learn from them, etc. I get access to Tim and, and video calls with Tim, which has been really helpful for me. I've had one so far and I've learned a lot. And, last one is you get access to a lot of valuable resources. There's lots of stuff, in the Sellible community and lots of resources that shared regularly that are super valuable. And you can learn a lot about the industry being around people who want to really grow and build themselves up into strong effective salesman, which is, is hard to find sometimes. So yeah, those are my core benefits that I've had. So

How did the sales coaching calls improve your skills?

Nicholas Smith: So my sales coaching call I did with tim, it helped improve my skills, not so much my skills, but because obviously I'm new, I'm fresh, I'm just starting in my sales journey. What it gave me was some context and some better understanding about the industry and what I'm getting into and how the specific niche that I was in, how that worked and how I could better work within that realm. And the last thing that was fantastic about the call was I got we finished up and I got an action plan on what I should do, how I should do it and and gave me something to really work with to move forward rather than just a heap of knowledge. Like we went over the knowledge and then we came up with action plan on where to go from there and that's what I found was very valuable as I got the knowledge sure, but I had I had direction once I left, which really, really helped me. So and I think that would help a lot of people in my position. So yeah, that was how my coaching called

Would you recommend others to join Sellible? If so, why?

Nicholas Smith: would I recommend others join Sellible and if so, why I would recommend that. And there's a few reasons, firstly, the things I've already mentioned in my answers, lots of resources like coaching, call, access to very high level salesman. And the most important that I see is the access to a community of like minded people who think and at least want what you want. The goal that you have being a remote salesman, I'm assuming that's what you want. That is their goal too. So you're all coming up together and you're learning together and everything they put in the chat you're going to learn from. It's as simple as that. Everyone knows you're the similar five people you spend the most time with. So it would make sense to join something like Sellible, where all the people who are trying to do what you're trying to do, that's where they are and they're all high level and they're all working hard and you're gonna learn a lot. That's why I think you should join Sellible

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