Timothy David - Sellible Testimonial Video

February 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Timothy David

What would you say are the core benefits of joining a sales community like Sellible?

Hi Sellible community, My name's Tim I'm taking this opportunity to do a video testimonial for the Sellible platform and how they've helped me achieve working in a remote role. I've come from working in property management, working 60 to 70 hours a week to being set into a remote role in sales. The transition from my previous role to the new role that has been provided through the Sellible platform has been seamlessly smooth. I couldn't recommend them enough, they've helped me get my work life balance back in order, I have time now to do the things that I, you know, I've always wanted to do. I'm on my own hours my own terms. I've always wanted to work in a remote role, I've always found it so difficult to take that initial step and with Sellible every step of the way has just been just been perfect for me. I've gone, you know, busting my ass basically week to week to now, enjoying my life and having time and giving time back to myself. and yeah, I just I can't recommend Sellible enough. they've literally changed my life you know, this platform and what they're providing is only going to grow and you know, help more young men find their way in this weird, world that we live in now. So yeah, just just taking the time out of my day to thank you guys Sellible for what you've done and what you've achieved by setting me a role in their remote roles, in the remote role. Sorry, that I've been looking for. Thanks so much. And I hope people that see this can understand that it is achievable and it is possible and Sellible can really help you with that. Thanks Sellible.

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