Maverick Brenton for Customer Testimonial Videos

December 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maverick Brenton, High Ticket Closer

What would you say are the core benefits of joining a sales community like Sellible?

Maverick Brenton: Three biggest benefits of joining the Sellible community for me would be number one, is access to excellent opportunities through Tim and Chris's sales network. The opportunities they put on the table for us as members of the community top tier, they're really good, that could be one of the biggest struggles when you are getting into remote sales is finding quality opportunities and filtering them. One thing that is insanely valuable with the Sellible community is that Tim and Chris do that for you, They bring you excellent opportunities, help you vet them, they also teach you what to look for and opportunities as well. Second biggest benefit would be the mentoring, the ability to learn from guys like Tim and Chris and other remote sales professionals. in Sellable is absolutely amazing. It will accelerate your career, it's accelerated mine and it'll allow you to avoid a lot of the mistakes that new people make when they're breaking into remote sales, so it will accelerate your progress and get you to whatever your goal is, whether that's $5K, $10K, $20K, $50K a month will get you there a lot faster since you don't have to make the mistakes a lot of beginners make, because you get to learn from guys that are at the top and know their game inside out. Number three, which is learning through collaboration, that is a massive benefit and what I mean by that is belonging to a community of people who are all after the same thing, so you can share ideas, bounce those ideas off each other and really learn what's working what isn't and build relationships, relationships that can bring you opportunities in the future and, you know, people that you can add value to. But those are the three biggest benefits for me access to excellent top two opportunities and sales. Number two, the ability to learn from guys that are at the top and how they did it. Number three is learning through collaboration, you know, leveraging this community, building relationships and learning what is working for other people and what is it?

When you reached out to the guys at Sellible to land another remote sales job, what was the outcome and experience?

Maverick Brenton: Prior to joining Sellible and prior to being in remote sales, I did find it a little bit difficult to get my feet in the door with some excellent opportunities, but after joining and reaching out to Tim and the other guys Sellible, I had a number of really good opportunities put in front of me that I got to choose from, um went through a lot of them better than with Tim, learn what to look for and what to not look for. And yeah, after a while I just picked what I wanted to do, move forward from there. So the experience of using the guys knowledge it's Sellible when it comes to finding opportunities was excellent. They're very, very helpful, they know what to look for, what not to look for and more than happy to point you in the right direction. So if you do have any uncertainty about finding remote sales roles and you don't know what to do, joining a place like Sellible is definitely going to make that a lot easier and accelerate the speed with which you get into a good opportunity really because you're leveraging the network that Sellible has. That's the biggest benefit that I found, not to mention the guys are very, very genuine, straightforward and super helpful

Would you recommend others to join Sellible? If so, why?

Maverick Brenton: If you want to break into the world of remote sales and basically make a doctor's living from anywhere in the world, which is what you can do in remote sales, then I would absolutely recommend joining a place like Sellible because the outcome that I just described excellent money from anywhere in the world that is my life now. It wasn't always that way I use to slave away on construction sites for 12 hours a day, earning about half what I make now. And Sellible will help me achieve that you know through the training and the network and the resources learning from Tim and the opportunities that they have access to top tier haven't found that anywhere else. So if you ask someone who wants to break into remote sales, make excellent money and basically change your life. I think you need to belong to something like Sellible and build relationships in a place like this because that's where it really happens in a community with access to excellent mentors and that's what Sellible offers. So I'll owe a lot of what I have now in the life. I live to Tim's training his resources and the community in Sellible

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