Sujatha varalwar - Self-Mastery Project II Testimonial

February 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sujatha varalwar, Doctor / Sacred paths faculty

What motivated you to continue on the Self-Mastery Project journey?

Sujatha varalwar: The kind of inputs, the kind of understandings and insights That I got through Self-Mastery Project 1 program

Sujatha varalwar: I just couldn't stop. I thought I really needed to understand more and absolutely, I loved it.

What value have you gained from being in this 18 months process?

Sujatha varalwar: The value is that I used to question myself for everything. What am I doing here? What is this life? What is the purpose of this life and what is the value of my life? So now I don't do that anymore. At least I'm aware. I know that I should be aware,

Sujatha varalwar: So the confusion is much less, there's much more clarity. So I think that's the biggest value that I took from this Advanced Self-Mastery program.

Which modules were your favorite and why? And how was your experience of the yoga training program?

Sujatha varalwar: Every session, every program that we did was amazing and everything I took a lot home from every interaction that we had with Usha and with all her programs. To me, what was the most amazing was Seth... his ideas.. the metaphysics which are actually the realities of life. It was like an eye opener for me.

Sujatha varalwar: Apart from that, regarding the tools emotional alchemy and past life regression therapy are beautiful tools for deep healing.

How confident are you about using the deep trauma healing techniques you learnt? Is there sufficient post-program support in your practice?

Sujatha varalwar: I'm quite confident. We did some practice sessions. We are continuing to do. We have a beautiful group of people highly supportive to each other.

Would you recommend Self-Mastery Project II to the existing batch of graduates from Self-Mastery Project I? Why?

Sujatha varalwar: Yes, of course, you know, as a person who has done Self-Mastery 1 and got on to Self-Mastery 2, this has become almost a lifestyle for me. Being associated with this program. These people, my colleagues, my teacher, Usha Anuradha So, I feel very safe and it's a beautiful space that I'm in right now. And absolutely, I would recommend to people who really want to change the way they perceive or experience their lives.

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