Hear from One of Our Clients: Suite Spotte LLC

September 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sue Reardon, Co-Founder & Community Connector, Suite Spotte LLC

Why do you partner with RyTech for your digital marketing needs?

Sue Reardon: Suite Spotte and RyTech have worked together since 2014 when Steve Ryan and I first met at the newly opened Suite Spotte in La Grange, Illinois. Right then and there, we made a connection and that led to discussions about the challenges I face in our market and how we could overcome them together. SEO, social media, PPC, website development, content creation, RyTech is who I turn to first to talk about my goals and needs, which leads to the right combination of initiatives to get Suite Spotte where we want to be at either a specific point in time or for the future.

What has exceeded your expectations about working with RyTech?

Sue Reardon: Being confident that RyTech will propose solutions that are specific to my business and my goals, not some cookie cutter solution. Also, I really like and trust the people I work with at RyTech. We've grown together.

How would you describe RyTech in three words?

Sue Reardon: Knowledgeable, loyal and philanthropic. Knowledgeable of their clients goals and challenges and the unique solutions available to help their clients overcome barriers to the achievement of their goals. Loyal in their commitment to their employees, partners, their clients and to RyTech's core values, not putting one over at the sake of another, but recognizing the vital importance of each. Philanthropic in that RyTech promotes the welfare of others through specific organizations and initiatives, rather than writing a check to whoever happens to get to them first. For RyTech, it's not just about monetary donations, but donations of time and talent that really help solve problems over the long term and therefore make a difference in people's lives.

What would you tell someone who is considering working with RyTech?

Sue Reardon: Be honest, be open from the very beginning about what is going well in your business and what isn't. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. RyTech can only help you if they understand the issues that you face. For you to have a worthwhile partnership with RyTech it must be built on trust, open communication and honesty.

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