Christopher Guthrie for Customer Testimonial Videos

October 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christopher Guthrie, Director of account management, Akerna Enterprise

Who are you and what does your company do?

Christopher Guthrie: Hey there my name is Chris Guthrie, I'm the director of international account management at a Akerna Enterprise.

What problems did you face before working with us?

Christopher Guthrie: One thing that I've come across, and I know a bunch of my customers have come across is just like the inauthenticity and uh inauthenticity, the inauthenticity of a lot of the consulting class in cannabis. Um the depth of knowledge can be incredibly shallow, just promises that can't be backed up.

Specifically, what was the best thing about our product or service?

Christopher Guthrie: The communication and the transparency, I think, um just a clear um care and determination to really come through present the best possible work, um and meet requirements right. It was like very deliberate, very careful, great attention to detail.

What results did you achieve by working with us?

Christopher Guthrie: I mean instantly like yield and quality and um repeatability like the just knowing what you did and what was being able to identify what is working and what wasn't working. Um And then I think it's probably just the atmosphere that is created is one of openness and humility and learning and that sort of change in vibe and approach um just like naturally yields better results.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Christopher Guthrie: Can't say enough like consummate professionals um Pleasant, easy to work with like I said before, it's like great attention to detail and um yeah overall like great experience, always great experience.

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