Millie Pocock for Customer Testimonial Videos

October 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Millie Pocock

Please introduce yourself and explain a time that QBaby helped you?

Millie Pocock: Hi everyone. My name is Millie, and I've used the Qbaby products for numerous occasions for my son, who is now 16 months old, in particular the eczema cream for his body and the teething gel.

What product did you purchase to help with that and how did it help?

Millie Pocock: After recommendations from a friend, we purchase the teething Gel and I am happy to say that it's amazing. It definitely works. My son was teething from four months old and he's now 16 months old, so we use it every month when he's got teeth coming through. It's easy to apply. He likes the taste of it and it definitely does soothe his sore gums.

Please describe why you love Qbaby.

Millie Pocock: I'm a fan of Q baby because a few people have recommended it to me when I was during my pregnancy. And also just the ingredients are so good, they're so raw, it's very basic and that's what I love about it. Um The natural side of it all and its ingredients that you can all relate to, like cinnamon for the teeth and gel and things that, you know aren't going to, you know, be any nasties for the babies.

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