Pulse Q&A • November 13, 2019

CSuite Partners for CX Medley

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Video Transcript

Speakers: Mark Settle, 7X CIO, Formerly with Okta. Yousuf Khan.

Which C-suite peer do you partner with most on customer experience?

Yousuf Khan: I partner probably most with the Chief Customer Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer. I think these are the sort of partnerships that are really required to be able to help understand the customer experience and then also what customers are requiring in the future and how the company should be best positioned for that.

Julie Cullivan: So in delivering a strong customer experience, we primarily partner with our customer success organizations, so everything from customers success to customer support. to our professional services organization. I would say that they have been furthest ahead, in terms of really thinking about things from a customer experience perspective and really looking at the entire process anywhere from that initial engagement, when they first get either access or downloads of licenses, all the way through to when they're having a problem and how they are going to make things better. Now that doesn't mean that marketing and sales aren't equally as interested, but I would say our customer success organization has been sort of ahead of the curve.

Mark Settle: So this might be a little counterintuitive, but I think the C-suite executive that plays maybe the most critical role in defining customer experience is actually the Chief Financial Officer, the CFO. So the CFO and the CIO are, you know, would proverbially say we're the two executives that have the broadest end to end view of the way our business operates. And that implies all the various touch points that you know customers have with back end billing systems, renewal capabilities, and front end marketing capabilities, etcetera. And the enlightened CFOs that I've worked with really take a very measured approach to thinking about when it's time to make investments in front end systems, back end systems, customer support systems, etcetera. And they really are trying to optimize that overall customer experience.

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