6.3.21 - Learn Best Practices from Mark Towler

June 14, 2021

Mark Towler, Sr Product Manager at Progress, demonstrates best practices when using vocalvideo to film your testimonial.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Towler, Progress

Find a simple, well-lit setting

Mark Towler: Hi, I'm Mark Towler. I'm a senior product marketing manager here at Progress and I'm here to give you some quick tips on how to make a vocal video for us. First of all, you want to find a simple, well lit setting should be uncluttered, plain blank. Well, it's fine. And, no virtual backgrounds. Please make sure you've got some light on your face and that you're not backlit. We want to be able to see.

Check the camera

Mark Towler: Mhm. Next, what you want to do is check your camera. Now phones and tablets are perfectly fine, but they should be on a stable surface and they need to be in a horizontal presentation mode. The Camera should also be at eye level, especially with laptops. You'll want to check. Sometimes they can be recording from below and that's not always the most flattering angle.

Check the sound

Mark Towler: Next, you're going to want to check the sound. Make sure you're in a quiet spot, No echoes, no appliances, no machinery, nothing running in the background is making noise that you may not be noticing. Make sure that you don't have any loud children, roommates or pets who might interrupt you. And then get ready to record.

Check yourself

Mark Towler: Next, you want to check yourself. You want to be dressed neatly, preferably in dark colors. Solid colors are best the film. Best bright colors and patterns do tend to distract. You want to be able to face the camera at all times and also maintained good eye contact and good posture. Yes.

Relax and have fun!

Mark Towler: Okay, finally relax and have fun! You should have a list of questions, so please repeat each question and then answer it in a conversational manner. We really do want to hear your words. Please answer all the questions, and then when you're done, try to end with a smile and thank you very much for taking the time to make a vocal video for us.

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