Shani for Possip Video Testimonials

November 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shani Dowell, Possip CEO & Founder

Shani Dowell, Possip's CEO & Founder, answers the question: What does family engagement mean to you?

Shani Dowell: Family engagement means to me - building a bridge between a student, the family and the school and school community. When a student walks into a school building, they are representing their family, their caregiver, um, their value, their values, their hopes, their dreams. And so, family engagement taps into the power of that by building a bridge between the school and the student and the family, and bringing them all together on their journey. Um, when families are engaged, they're able to bring all of those assets, ideas, perspectives into the school building, and their student is also able to bring what they're learning in the school, back to their family, in their community. And so everyone can be richer for the strong bridges that are built between a family, a student and the school community. And to me, that is what family engagement is about - building a strong bridge between the students, the families and the school.

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