Back to School Event Recap - Other Trends

July 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Yeah. Well, I think that we know we need to remember where we are in the year, right? So we are very focused right now. And so what's top of mind in that for the first month or two of the school year? Um are the three things that we talked about? That's not to say that these things aren't important, right? They're just just below the top three. And actually as the year progresses, right, we tend to see. So having more operational feedback early on is pretty common. Um and then as the year progresses, we'll see things like academics, teacher engagement and even engagement across students, right? So student behavior uh rise in importance like once parents and students kind of move past just like the tactical logistics of getting started. Um And then really focus on, you know, what's gonna be the meat of the school year. No, I love that. Um Amanda, I kind of wanted to ask you, you know, as a principal or even a school administrator with all of these different trends and all these things to focus on. How do you go about like prioritizing? Yeah. Um It's a lot, there's obviously a lot of things that, you know, school leaders and school staff have to focus on throughout the year. Um But all of these things really impact each other. So it's kind of like a domino effect of things that, you know, are all going on in a school at the same time. And I think it kind of um the first thing that I think of is Maslow's hierarchy of need when we're thinking of, you know, in order to build more complex things like student discipline or curriculum that are a bit more nuanced, those baseline, important things need to be present. Um And families need to know that their students can safely get into the school every day and get out of the school every day. Um And trust that they're going to get basic communication from their teacher and from the leadership about their child to have a successful school year. So those are kind of the building blocks. And I think, you know, for the reason we focused on communication, calling and safety is because helping set up those systems are like those baseline systems that are then going to help the school leader be able to lean in these other trends that are very important too, obviously. Um throughout the school year.

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