Thomas Orshowitz for PersonalRX Video Testimonials

August 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Thomas O

Why did you choose PersonalRX?

Thomas O: Hi! I heard about you guys through a friend and we've been with you guys for quite some time. Well, my daughter, Jersey has. Yasmine has been very good and always checking up on my daughter and her meds. So thank you again for everything you guys have done.

Please tell me about the PersonalRX service as you would a friend?

Thomas O: Yasmine has always checked up on my daughter's medicine, even when there was a problem with the pharmacy and the doctors.

What are the three most important things about PersonalRX to you?

Thomas O: Three most important things about PersonalRX is the accuracy of the medicine delivered, the way it's packaged, and the courteous that you guys have with your employees.

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