Matthew Swan for Personal Financial Snapshot Video Testimonials

December 18, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matthew Swan, Multiple Line Insurance Agent/Advisor, MW Swan Agency LLC

How do you feel Personal Financial Snapshot has helped you as it relates to your confidence?

Matthew Swan: skipping.

How have the Five Principles and the Personal Financial Snapshot software helped you with your clients?

Matthew Swan: Yeah, skipping

Why do you feel being principles-based gives you an edge in the financial planning world?

Matthew Swan: I feel that being a Principles-Based Planner really sets me apart from the traditional "financial planning" world because typically, what people get when they go to a "financial advisor" is really just investment advice. You know, they get asked about their risk tolerance. Um, you know what their asset allocation is, what the rate of return is, etcetera. Um, whereas we're focusing not on products, but we're focusing on principles. So, it's just a way for us to really differentiate ourselves and operate in a totally different channel um, then the "financial advisors" that promote themselves in a in the local setting.

How has the book, Principles-Based Planning, helped you as a financial advisor, and your clients?

Matthew Swan: The Principles-Based Planning book has been a great tool for me in my practice. Number one, because it provides me a reference guide that I can follow, and I can reread certain chapters and strengthen my knowledge on certain principles. The other reason is it's a great market and prospecting tools. So I found that by gifting this book and asking for feedback from potential clients and those that have gone through the process, um, it's garnered a lot of feedback and interest in learning more. So I think people appreciate the ability to dig a little bit deeper and do a little bit of learning on their own on the principles and concepts that we teach as advisors in the Principled- Based approach.

(for PFS Specialists) How has the PFS Specialist mentoring and training program been beneficial to you?

Matthew Swan: The PFS Specialist training and mentoring that I've received have really been invaluable to me because they've allowed for me to sort of fast track my journey from being just a multiple line agent that deals mostly with property and casualty to really evolving into a Financial Advisor. The other reason is you get that second opinion on your case work. You get advice and you get questions that you maybe wouldn't have thought of on your own and just being able to bounce ideas off of, and the confidence that comes with, you know, when you're making a recommendation, that was, you know, over viewed by someone who has a lot of experience with the Principle-Based approach is really valuable.

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