Colton Flake Client Testimonial for Unique Advantage

January 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Colt

What was helpful about seeing all of your current financial situation all on one page with the Personal Financial Snapshot Model?

Colt: It's nice having it all in one location because you can process a better, understand it better and when you're going through it with somebody like Kyle, you can you can understand better where you're at.

What value do you feel comes from learning the Five Principles of Personal Finance?

Colt: The value you get from it is that you have a better understanding of the principles that you need to follow to save for your future for for your financial situation down the road. um, Having that education and background makes it a lot easier to understand the processes you're going through it.

Based on your experience, why do you feel others would benefit from going through a planning process with a Principles-Based Planner?

Colt: This process seems to be a lot easier to follow than other financial planners, processes that I've, that I've seen and and been through. Um, it's also better because there's a lot more back and forth discussion so that you to make sure that you understand what you're what you're doing and have a better feel for what you're doing and you feel more comfortable by the time you're done going through the process moving forward.

How do you feel this process has helped you think differently about your finances?

Colt: It's definitely helped me think differently about my finances and about saving for the future and that kind of, that kind of thing. Um I feel better about investing in myself and I feel more confident in the investments that I'm making, as opposed to giving my money to somebody else and just saying, do the best you can with it.

What value did you get from the book Principles-Based Planning?

Colt: Um, same thing with the book, I got a better understanding and a better kind of a foundation for the principles of investing helped me kind of focus my mind more around, around being able to invest in myself and in things that I have knowledge background and confidence in.

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