Ed Troxell 90-Day Marketing Accelerator Testimonial

January 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ed Troxell

Ed Troxell: Hi, my name is Ed Troxell. I'm a video coach, helping agents and small businesses use video to start attracting more qualified leads so they can get more deals closed and really feel comfortable in their own skin here online, using video.

What problem were you dealing with before joining the accelerator?

Ed Troxell: The problem I was having before working with Parker was not knowing exactly who I was talking to and really clarifying what it was that I wanted to say to my audience.

What does life look like now after completing the accelerator?

Ed Troxell: After working with Parker, I am more confident in what I bring to the table for my audience. I know who my audience is, I know what offers that I'm sharing with them, and my marketing has never been stronger here for 2023.

What opportunities have resulted since completing the accelerator?

Ed Troxell: As a result, not only have I brought on new clients and also filled up my pipeline for prospects, but I've also been able to get on to more shows and be interviewed by others because of what I do and the niche that I have found, thanks to working with Parker.

If you hadn't taken the accelerator, where would you be now?

Ed Troxell: if I hadn't taken this accelerated program with Parker, I can guarantee you I'd still be spinning my wheels. Being a solopreneur can be extremely challenging because you can have all the ideas, you can do all the things, but you still have that voice of is this the route I should be going? Is this working? Should I change that? And you don't let things sit long enough, especially if you're not 100% clear on what you're offering, who you're talking to and what your messaging is. So, by taking this accelerator program with Parker, all of that has been pushed out the window and now I am on a straight and narrow path for what it is that I'm offering and who it is that I'm offering it to. So that's why I'm glad I took the time to invest my time, my energy, my resources into this program and working with Parker because it has set me up for success for this next quarter in this entire new year.

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