Software Consultant - A Mobican Story

March 02, 2022

Employee Testimonial - Software Consultant shares his experience working with Mobica

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel Zegarra

Please introduce yourself

Hi, I am Daniel Zegarra and I am a Consultant in Mobica in the Bydgoszcz office.

What does your job involve?

My main job is to provide expert opinions to clients based on the years of experience that I have in the software industry. But I also do software design and development that allows me to continue getting more experience.

What is the favourite part of your role and the team at Mobica?

I am a person that likes more doing than planning. So I get excited when my next projects consist of the implementation of a design that I took part in. But when nothing happens, I always could count to find a fantastic team to share their knowledge with me.

What do you think clients would say about Mobica?

I have read first hand some reviews of our clients. They usually praise the professionalism and commitment of our employees with their project goals. I would guess they think that Mobica is a company that has worked hard to create an attractive environment, and enrol talented people.

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