Unilever Testimonials

January 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Tell us a bit about yourself.

What do you do? Where do you come from? What are your hobbies?

Emily: I am a current stay at home mom. I was a high school history teacher prior, but I've been a stay home mom for about eight years now. Some of my hobbies, I enjoy yoga, I enjoy being outside. I like to bake. I live a pretty active lifestyle and

I'm Molly and I'm a part-time sports coach for kids. My name is Jenny Eden and I'm a life coach. Hi, my name is Phee and I'm from London. I'm Michelle and I work part time as PA.

I'm Margarita. I work as store manager and I'm a mom of two little girls. Hi, my name is Lorraine. I'm a working mom of two girls. My name is Ellis. I'm a full-time mom to Isla who's 15 months old.

What do you love about Unilever?

Emily: One of the brands that I've always used that I love is Seventh Generation and I am a customer expert for them. So I've been using them for a long time now. I really love that all their products are made with plant-based ingredients that really, really work and I'm very passionate about their products.

What do you love about being a Unilever Expert on Limitless?

Emily: So I like being an expert for them because I like being able to share my passion and my knowledge of the products with other people and I think it's just really fun, actually, to interact with other customers and be able to share what I know about the brand with other people and to really help them make conscious decisions when they're trying to purchase products from Seventh Generation.

I can log on any time, any place and answer questions to help customers. It's a great way to earn a little bit of extra money on the side, so much so that I'm now taking the bus to work instead of the tube, just so that I've got the 3G and I can answer people's questions on the way to work. It's just so easy to fit in around my kids, my job and my life.

It's so easy to use, and when I have a quiet moment during my day, I like to open it. It's just so flexible. It fits in perfectly around my home and work life. Basically do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It's limitless.

Emily: I usually answer questions for Seventh Generation through the Limitless app on my phone. And that is how I answer questions pretty much 99% of the time.

Emily: It's very easy to use. It's very straightforward and user friendly.

How are you planning to spend your earnings?

Emily: I am planning to spend my earnings from Limitless, being a customer expert, I've actually just put it all into our savings account because we're planning on building our own home next year. So it's really been a really great thing for our family because, even though I am staying at home, it gives me the freedom and the flexibility to have a job that I can make money from and kind of contribute to the savings to build our own home. So it just really gives me a good feeling of being able to contribute.

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