Sunshine for Product Testimonial

April 09, 2023

Why our customers love Koso Med

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sunshine

Could you tell us why you decided to purchase our products?

Sunshine : Hello, my name is Sunshine and I would like to share with you my experience and when I took the products from Koso Med uh I met Koso Med 10 years before and at that moment, my health issues is so terrible. My situation is so horrible and I can't sleep. I can't walk. Um I can't work okay. Um maybe it's very difficult to let you understand how bad I was at that moment. So I would like to show you my picture. That's me 10 years before. So sick.

How have Koso Med Products have helped you?

Sunshine : I tried Bio 88 and uh Super Bio Slender. I took these two products at that moment and then I found my health improved quite quickly and, and so naturally that I can walk much better after one week and then I can sleep after 10 days. Okay. Um, so I keep on trying the product for years and now it's over 10 years and my health get better and better. So how good it is. Um I can work properly. I feel so energetic every day. So, um it's just wonderful that my, my life come back.

Sunshine : And then I tried the IQ

Sunshine : my brain function much, much faster and clearer. So that's those three products I love too much. And because after I took the health products and then I get better and then I start to try the cosmetics.

Sunshine : You can see, I still don't have wrinkles here because the Maja Lift is very wonderful. It can uh remove your wrinkles so quickly and then so effectively. And I use this product over 10 years. Okay. So, except that I also use uh my favorite too the Essence Facial Gel. This one, not only uh moisturize my skin, but also we're healing some uh wounds, um uh pimples, all these skin issues. So, so great product and the last one I would like to share with you makes me feel so safe and that makes me feel so happy. I use it a lot. And my friends love it a lot because this one, I use it on my food so I can keep my food clean and then I can have it so comfortable and trust that the dirt on the food or the uh bacterias or anything bad will removed from the food.

Why is Koso Med different from other similiar products?

Sunshine : I really appreciate that they really make the products by their heart. They have the farms, they really use the natural products.

Sunshine : I didn't find any preservatives or additives in the product. So um it's very difficult. It's a very high technology that you can really take a totally whole food product. And I can't find it in the market also because the fermentation technology I found I can accept the ingredients the very quickly. So the effect will come quite fast. So, and obviously, uh it's really helpful for me.

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