Agent Success Story: Ray Peppers

February 17, 2022

Knock Agent Success Story: Ray Peppers, Atlanta Communities

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ray Peppers , Agent, Atlanta Communities

Ray Peppers : Hello, y'all! Ray Peppers here with Atlanta Communities Real Estate coming at you today to tell you how excited I am to have Knock as an integral part of my agent toolbox.

Ray Peppers : I thought, "Man, this is too good to be true," but let me tell you right now, it wasn't - because I am involved in a Knock Home Swap right now, and everything is going on just like they said. I took my seller to go find their dream home, they have now found that. They have moved into that dream home and they're in the process now of making some repairs to the home. They're going to put on the market, next week as a matter of fact.

Ray Peppers : I've got a dedicated person that I contact to keep up with. Already got a relationship with that person - very friendly.

Ray Peppers : This has been a seamless transaction and I am so excited to have it in my toolbox, and you can bet your bottom dollar that any seller that I face who has got to sell a house before they can buy it, one of the first emails I'm going to send them is a link to Knock.

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