Allistair Gardener, HR Manager at Manufacturing Company, Lasec

February 13, 2023

Lasec Human Resource Manager, Allistair explains how Jem HR helped them slash employee loan requests and help their employees in the process.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Allistair Gardener, Human Resources Manager, Lasec

What were you doing before Jem? Were you processing employee loans?

Allistair Gardener: So before we started using the Jem platform, our employees would often request loans when they would run into a financial emergency during the month and we weren't able to do that. So they would end up going to loan sharks and borrowing money at crazy interest rates which would then exacerbate their financial problems.

How has your experience been with Jem?

Allistair Gardener: So, right from our first interaction with the Jem team, it's been really smooth. They had a great session with our employees explaining how the system works and the sign up was great using WhatsApp and other tech. And as far as the payroll admin goes, which is a big consideration for us, it's been great, the upload works well and the billing is smooth

Why do your employees like Jem?

Allistair Gardener: As time has gone by, we've had really good feedback from our employees and we've seen more and more employees join the Jem platform as they've needed to. It's really helped them get out of debt because of the fixed cost and interest-free advances on their pay. We've seen a huge benefit to our employees and their families as they navigate different financial situations.

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