Inside In2Risk 2022: CPCUxIn2Risk: Next Level Leadership Express Talks

October 21, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Darcy Andrews, Senior Express Underwriter, Liberty Mutual. Dr. Elizabeth Carter, CPCU, VP, Clinical Strategy Execution & Bus Operations, Highmark, Inc

Darcy Andrews: My name is Darcy Andrews. I'm a Senior Underwriter with Liberty Mutual in a small commercial express space. I live in Portland, Oregon. Work out of my home. I am part of the pacific Northwest

Dr. Elizabeth Carter, CPCU: Hi, I'm Dr. Elizabeth Carter, CPCU and I'm excited to #ShapeTheFuture with you at In2Risk 2022 this November. I'm a Vice President in Clinical Services for Highmark Health in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Darcy Andrews: I am so excited to present a series of TED-style talks with four other amazing individuals. And I'm going to kick it off by telling you about why impostor syndrome and inclusion are tied together and what we can do about it.

Dr. Elizabeth Carter, CPCU: My talk, Rowing Together: How to Align Your Team’s Activity with Your Company’s Strategic Focus, is all about framing a line of sight from the top, where the strategies are made, down through the layers of the organization so that everyone is clear on how their day-to-day activities impact the business. I believe this topic will shape the future of the industry because without clarity, collaboration and commitment, there won't be engagement of your employees or the execution of the strategy.

Darcy Andrews: I am most excited to come to Risk to make new connections. I can't wait to see my old connections and friends. I love the networking of this event. I love the fabulous people that make up the CPCU Society and I just can't wait to see you all and hug you again!

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