Crewmojo Testimonial - Performance Reviews

February 08, 2023

Crewmojo testimonial - performance reviews

Video Transcript

Hayley Randall : I'd say, my favourite thing about Crewmojo would have to be the annual performance reviews. We just completed them in June, and the type of conversations that the questions evoke was so important. So from an employee perspective, they feel like they're being heard. They feel really safe and they're able to be honest, I guess, with their feedback and their development goals. From a manager's perspective, it's a wholistic review. You can see the feedback that their peers have given them. You can see the goals that they have achieved over the 12 months prior, and you obviously see their self assessment. So it's a really wholistic review system and I don't think there's anything more that we can add to it. We had really good feedback from everyone, employees and managers. They felt like it was a really positive experience.

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