Customer Compilation

December 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Donovan Vincent, Founder/SysAdmin, WAMS Stories. Michael McGinnis, Editor, Roscoe News. Ben Buhse . Samir Rashid, DevOps Engineer, Godsped. Stuart Gelin. Ryan Olson, Owner, Texas Beard Company. Alex Liu, applebee1558.com. Michael Irwin & Jason Shervinski, Politico. Daniel Marashlian, CTO, DRATA

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Ben Buhse : Cloudflare's biggest benefit to me personally, has been how easy it is to set up and use. I got my website, all the DNS and everything configured really quickly, and it's worked perfectly with almost zero intervention. In the nearly two years I've had my websites on Cloudflare.

Stuart Gelin: I think Cloudflare is a lot easier to use than people think.

Alex Liu: What we like most about Cloudflare is how easy the mitigation system is and how little maintenance it requires. Because all what you need to do is

Ryan Olson: Most impressive features to me are the ones that require no additional effort on my part, like turning on image compression.

Ryan Olson: Using Cloudflare has reduced our bandwidth costs, as well as making managing our website easier, as well as making optimizations easier.

Samir Rashid: Cloudflare basically makes it easy for me to configure everything once and not have to worry about if anything is going to go wrong with my DNS.

Michael McGinnis: Yeah, Cloudflare is easy to set up, easy to use and once I get it set up, it just takes care of me.

Donovan Vincent: and Cloudflare helped mitigate that. I also really like the easy to use interface. I started out with Cloudflare not knowing anything about it, and I quickly learned how to use the interface and how to use it across multiple websites.

Daniel Marashlian: Just ease of the SSL management. It's just so seamless and just,

Michael Irwin & Jason Shervinski: I would say the same thing that ease of use just very easy to really add value.

Samir Rashid: Cloudflare makes networking easy.

Michael McGinnis: It's the way the internet should work.

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