Sam Pavitt for LevelUp Speaker Intro

November 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sam Pavitt

Briefly introduce yourself and dive into what your session will cover.

Sam Pavitt: Good morning Tiffany and Team. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak out level up 2023. Some of you may be aware, I did a click up talk earlier in the year on the product for product podcast, which is really well received. And the main purpose of that was to kind of increase exposure of click up. I'm a former general admin and that's what the talk is about, how I now and convert to click up. Given level up is primarily about existing click up customers. I believe that's going to be the majority of attendees. I'd like to go into a little bit more depth about some of the things I talked about. They're primarily how to increase productivity engineering teams and the way we really do that here at gatekeepers by giving more autonomy. So I've worked now across a lot of startups, smes big Corporates with lots of funding. One thing that's unanimous across all those organizations is just how stifled development teams can get and a big part of that is that so often they're spoon fed tasks. You know, kate, you're working on this today because you're great at that. And joe you've got these three tasks and they must be done by that date and he wants to get up every day and be told exactly what to do. Um you know, sometimes we wake up and we feel creative up days, wake up, we want to do some data analysis and engineers and creative times, absolutely no different. And by using click up to give them a ranked priority in their own. you know, sprint across the whole team, they can decide from the highest priority tasks, what they're working on as the spring progresses, maybe even got normal priority task list, but there's 12 of them and they can choose which one they feel like doing on that day and from that, you'll see loads of great stuff, you'll see satisfaction go up, you'll see deliverables go out up, output in general, across the team will be higher and then overall E M P s will go up across the organization. So loads of great stuff you can get just from giving a bit of autonomy and a bit of trust to your team. I'd love to talk about that in more detail level up. Look forward to speaking to you all soon.

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