Employee Stories | Megan Warhurst

March 31, 2021

Megan Warhurst, Content Marketer, gives her experience of working at Blueshift, and what makes our company great — and different.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Megan Warhurst, Content Marketer, Blueshift

What's one of your favorite parts about working at Blueshift?

Megan Warhurst: Hi! My name is Megan Warhurst and I am a Content Marketer here at Blueshift. One of my favorite parts of working at Blueshift is the team. We have such an amazing team. They are so well rounded, they come from a variety of backgrounds, have a variety of experiences, and have just been a dream to work with.

What's is one perk of Blueshift that's really meaningful to you?

Megan Warhurst: My favorite "perk" of working at Blueshift is our benefits package. It's pretty comprehensive.

Megan Warhurst: 2020 has shown me you can't take your health for granted. So, feeling protected and supported by our executive team and the packages and benefit options that they've given us is a great feeling.

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