Tom & Faith Ferguson for Bath Fitter Video Testimonials

January 24, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tom & Faith Ferguson

Can you describe the reason why you wanted to remodel your Bath?

Tom & Faith Ferguson: Why did we want to remodel our bath? Well, we had engaged Bathfitter before to install a shower and they did an excellent job. So we had a situation where we had an old fiberglass bathtub that was in a condo unit since the early 1970's and of course, it needed to be updated. So, with a prior good experience, we decided to replace it and engage Bath Fitter again and we were very happy with it.

What made you choose Bath Fitter?

Tom & Faith Ferguson: We chose Bath Fitter because a neighbor in our condo building had had them do work for them and were very pleased with the quality of the work, with the length of time that it took to do it, which was minimal. And with the person that came to install it had high standards. And the price was, although the price wasn't inexpensive, the quality of the work was worth the price. So we spoke to Bath Fitter and we're satisfied with what we heard them, share with us. And so we decided to go ahead with it.

What would you tell someone who is considering Bath Fitter?

Tom & Faith Ferguson: What would we tell someone who is considering Bath Fitter? Well for me, the quality of work was really outstanding that the person they sent out was knowledgeable and it was able to problem solve because as with any plumbing work, there's always a few snafus that arise. So the end result was really quite, quite amazing. It was beautiful. I would also add to that, that they presented us with a work schedule that they honored. The installer was when he added questions, he consulted us and we dialogued with him and came to a solution. And they were extremely neat and clean. They, if there was any mess, it was created, it was thoroughly cleaned up. And, and as a homemaker that's important. They respected our home while they were working in it.

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