Anna Cosio-Maramba for ECO1 Universal Review

July 12, 2021

ECO1 universal plant based cleaner for your whole house.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Cosio-Maramba

Which Ayers & Co product is your favourite and why?

Anna Cosio-Maramba: Um I've purchased the universal water-based cleaner and the 30 day sanitizing um spray and the cloths, and I've seen amazing results abuse different products. Before this one, I get a test really, really works, especially with my oven amazed.

What cleaning product did you use before?

Anna Cosio-Maramba: um I've used to buy um Ajax and the, I can't remember or anything from L. D. Uh they say organic coins but it doesn't work especially putting it into cleaning my oven glass. Not unlike A. S. S. Really works well.

Name 3 areas in the house you used Ayers & Co and what did you think of the results?

Anna Cosio-Maramba: I've used it with my kitchen, my glasses in the toilet, um my kitchen bench top, um my um toilet benched up. It really works. It really cleans well ab sanitize even my windows. It's really good.

Would you recommend Ayers & Co to a friend and name 3 reasons why?

Anna Cosio-Maramba: I highly recommend it to my friends firstly it's economical, it's efficient in making your cleaning time um and it's good for an environment. What else can you ask for?

What product would you love us to add to our range?

Anna Cosio-Maramba: I think your current products are really versatile. Um I would love to see something that I can use with cleaning my carpet. That would be good. But it still works. I'll probably give it a try spraying my carpet and um my steamer that if it works.

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