Chad Lang for Lang's TV & Appliance

August 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chad Lang, Owner, Lang's Audio-TV & Appliance

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you work with AVB Marketing.

Chad Lang: Hi, my name is chad lang. I'm from lang's audio tv and appliance and Aberdeen in South Dakota. I work with a AVB marketing because they're my one stop solution for all my digital needs, my website needs, they take care of my co op filing. It's just a one stop shop and works great for me.

How has AVB Marketing helped you in terms of saving time and growing your business?

Chad Lang: When I use a AVB marketing, I don't have to worry about some ad agency popping in and asking me questions. I just simply talk to my AVB rep and they take care of things for me. I tell them what I want done, They handle it. It's done. All my co op is filed. Its advertising has come so easy since I've switched over all my needs with AVB marketing.

What has been the main impact of using AVB Marketing ad programs?

Chad Lang: Yeah, the AVB ad programs work great. They develop ads around holidays For me. I don't have to pick content. They take care of all of it. It ties to my website. They tie in with social media, you can click on facebook and jump right to my web page. It's just been a really great solution for us. We we don't have a big staff, we don't have a bunch of people around that can do advertising. I just trust AVB marketing to take care of all this for me they have done a great job.

What advice would you give a BrandSource retailer who is not yet using AVB Marketing?

Chad Lang: If you aren't utilizing even be marketing, I'd suggest to give it a shot. Our website gets a ton of traffic and all of their digital advertising ties straight through our website, customers can click on a facebook ad and it jumps to our site. They can shop. Um, our digital ads are great. We really have been happy. I just strongly encourage you to give it a chance. Um, and it's not just a one month chance. You got to give it some time, but we've, we've moved all of our advertising, to AVB marketing. We don't even utilize a different service at this time. We're very, very happy. Our business is off the charts.

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