Nathan Howell Closed 3 Out Of 4 Sales With audIT

March 28, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nathan Howell, VP of Sales and Development, ADVANTEC SOLUTIONS, INC.

Please introduce yourself, and tell us about one of the challenges your company solved with audIT.

Nathan Howell: I am Nathan Howell with Advantec Solutions in Oklahoma City. I've been in sales for 20 plus years. I am fairly new to the IT industry, and one of the problems that audIT helped me get through was developing a process. Going into a sales presentation or going into a sales call. I needed questions and a format, and I didn't really have that. I didn't want to start from scratch. the system was really easy. It's about technical things, but it's not a technical process. And that's the thing I loved about it. I'm not super technical. I like easy to follow instructions and guidelines. And it helped me develop my sales process to that point that out of the last four presentations I did with audIT, we booked three. So, I don't know about you, but 75% closing rate is pretty awesome, and we're very happy with it. It's been very successful for us, and we're going to stick with it, so thank you

Could you share a recent example of a win for your organization with audIT?

Nathan Howell: We got a call from a prospective client who had just lost their I T service provider. And when I say lost, that actually passed away. this client was in a particular bind. They had systems failing. there was issues with the network. There were issues with the server, so they called us to come and kind of do an analysis of where they currently were. audIT actually helped me organize all the questions that I needed to ask. give them a very simple red, yellow green picture of where their current status was and where we could get them. And once they saw how much we could help through just that simple graph of pictures and colors and again keeping it simple, it was a pretty easy sell after that. And it resulted in $1500 a month and monthly recurring revenue. So it was It was a good success.

Why should MSPs use audIT?

Nathan Howell: So, I would recommend audIT to other MSPs mainly because of the ease of use and the fact that if all our clients were very technical, they wouldn't need us. So therefore you have to sell in a non technical way. You could spend a month going over all their data looking at, you know all their information and give them report after report. But in the end, they need to be able to understand it. And it needs to be simple and it needs to be quick, and it needs to be something where they can see current status versus what you can bring to them as a result. So because of that, yeah, I'd have no problem referring to anybody.

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