St. Bonaventure University

September 26, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kimberly DeSimone, MBA, PhD, Director, Master's in Strategic Leadership , St. Bonaventure University

Kimberly DeSimone, MBA, PhD: Yeah, I just can't say enough about the training ascension worldwide conducted for our organization as well as the bigger picture keynote presentations they've given from smaller departmental group training to larger keynote seminars on creating a culture of inclusivity and belonging city was able to create buy in and enthusiasm with all constituents really moving seamlessly regardless of the audience in ways that resonate and with language that is impactful for different groups. For all groups ascension worldwide, just gets how to present and engage meaningfully to a wide range of constituents and a big factor in choosing ascension worldwide was that they had such a wide range of solutions from workshops to training to keynote presentations and we were also impressed with the expertise, but most importantly the evidence based approach as an academic institution. It is crucial that our initiatives are all evidence based grounded in the scientific literature and proven best practices and ascension worldwide doesn't provide these cheerleading feel good diversity initiatives, I mean is fun and does leave you feeling inspired to be sure. But also you understand the neuroscience and evidence based rationale behind the best practice recommendations and the takeaways and that's really critical. We've worked with CJ and ascension worldwide many times and the feedback is always overwhelmingly positive even when the training was done via zoom people went on and on that. It was the best zoom training they had ever had. I just can't say enough about the dynamic, engaging, educational but also just plain fun experience of having ascension worldwide run our diversity equity and inclusion events whether it was smaller workshops or training or keynotes to hundreds of people. You not only leave feeling energized and informed, but also with tangible, actionable takeaways that you can infuse in the organization to create positive change. I really look forward to continuing to work with CJ and ascension worldwide in the future, knowing that I'll never be disappointed.

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