Happy 50th Birthday, Arts Council - Missoula Children's Theatre

September 22, 2023

Happy Birthday, Arts Council of Moore County - Missoula Children's Theatre

Video Transcript

Missoula Children's Theatre

Visiting Moore County since 1996!

The Missoula Children's Theatre visit is my favorite time of the year. Up to 60 kids from my community get to learn and perform a whole musical in just five days. It all starts when the little red truck pulls into my town. We get to meet the two professional directors on Monday when they hold the audition. It is so fun. Rehearsals begin that day too. Sometimes I get to stay for a rehearsal. Sometimes my rehearsal is another day. It depends on my role. Rehearsals are always a blast. I learn my lines, say them in a loud and clear voice and I learn where to go on the stage. The third day is one of my favorites. We meet the piano player and get to practice our songs with the music. The 4th and 5th days are really important. We know our lines and songs so we practice, practice, practice. It's hard work, but the directors make it really fun. After all that rehearsing the directors having in the props and set for the show. They always cheer when they do that. Finally, it's show day. I get so excited to see my costume. We have a dress rehearsal. Then we put on our stage makeup and perform for our friends and families. I can't wait for the Missoula Children's Theatre to come back.

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