Scott Poe uses ARPneuro PRS for strength training & chronic pain relief

March 06, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Scott Poe, Poetic Fitness

Scott Poe: Hi, my name's Scott Poe from Poetic Fitness.

Scott Poe: I use the machine every single day. Maybe sometimes I take a day off, but I've either got some ailment or some strength training I want to do, and it has been a game changer.

Describe any improvements in your symptoms since beginning ARPneuro therapy.

Scott Poe: So I got my machine for strength training but I have sore knees. I also have sore shoulders from years of sports, working out, as well as working for a moving company and on the days where they hurt me or originally when I got the machine and I started using it, I noticed a huge difference because I built strength in those joints as well as pain would go away and if I ever get that pain back I can easily put the machine on, get blood flow to the area and I start to feel better very quickly. I've had a few friends that come over with simple ailments, sore ankles, different things like that elbows and when they use it one or two times they can tell the difference. It helps get the joint moving around and it helps loosen things up. I love it. It's been amazing.

How has ARPneuro therapy been different than other treatment options?

Scott Poe: ARPneuro is different than other therapies because it kind of does the work for you. You put it in the area that's hurt if it's your knee, your back, your neck, whatever it is, you turn the machine on and it starts to do everything for you. And you can go through basic movements, simple movements to help get range of motion or whatever you're trying to work. And it's amazing because you almost feel like you're cheating. It's kind of magic.

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