Andrea Mattison

May 01, 2023

Video Transcript

My name is Andrea Mattison. And we tried ARPneuro when my son injured himself in a hockey game. And then I started doing the therapy as well for my lower back pain.

Describe any improvements you've noticed since beginning ARPneuro therapy.

My son was getting treated three days a week for his knee and he was released much quicker than anticipated to get back on the ice. I think it was just 12 weeks. He had a MCL sprain tear and a dislocated knee cap. So he was released much quicker than he would have been with just the regular physical therapy that they had recommended.

My son suffered a second hockey injury, dislocating and separating his shoulders multiple times. So he currently gets treated for that. And again, he was back on the ice within a week. but he continues the therapy just to keep his strength up and build the muscle around his weak spots And for me, I go three days a week have been almost consistently since April of last year. That's when we started with ARP therapy and we love it. my back pain is much better. I can't imagine not going. I love it. It actually motivated me to begin working out and I have lost 30 pounds and have strength that I never actually thought that I would have and it has just been the greatest thing ever and I wish we had found it a lot sooner.

How has ARPneuro therapy been different than other treatment options?

Andrea Mattison: I can't really speak to how it differs from other treatments because we have never used other treatments. But I can tell you that it makes you feel good, might cause a little bit of intensity when you're using it. But I love it. We have the PRS for at home and all three of my athletes use it to help them recover and build strength where it's needed and I use it when I work out or if I'm having lower back pain and don't have an appointment at the office. it's just been great.

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