Seyma Tas for Correlation One Success Stories

May 10, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: SEYMA TAS, Data Science Educator, Chegg

Please introduce yourself, then tell us why you chose Anaplan For All training.

SEYMA TAS: Hi! This is Seyma. I'm Anaplan For All fellow at Correlation One. Uh, Anaplan For All training prepared me for my career by teaching one of the most in-demand skills at today's job market.

My favorite part of my Anaplan For All experience…

SEYMA TAS: My favorite part of Anaplan training was exploring Anaplan's multidimensionality. While studying, I said, well, that's a smart idea.

My mentor taught me…

SEYMA TAS: My mentor taught me about the different business implementations of Anaplan. Thanks Anthony!

Because of the Anaplan For All training, I feel…

SEYMA TAS: Because of Anaplan For All training at Correlation One, I feel that I've learned smart tool, smart software that can transform businesses.

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