Phillip Irwin Alpha Hippie Testimonial

July 21, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Phillip Irwin

Phillip Irwin: Hi, my name is Philip Irwin. Um I decided to take the Alpha Hippie program because I was going through some challenges with my business and wanting to leave my business. Um, and I was also going through a spiritual evolution and uh, which brought its own challenges with my family now that my beliefs started to differ from theirs. And I was looking for a way to, uh, learn how to step into this new version of myself ah, and and create the life that I wanted.

Where have you seen the biggest improvements in your life having now completed the program?

Phillip Irwin: ah the biggest improvements uh now that I've completed the program, ah I'm more comfortable in my own skin. Um I'm less apologetic uh for feeling a certain way, wanting something or not wanting something or going against the crowd. And uh you know, I trust myself to make the right decision because I understand what my core values are and what it means to embody those core values uh and become the man that I wish to be.

What was your biggest hurdle in signing up for the program, and how did you move past it?

Phillip Irwin: My biggest hurdle um and signing up for the program was just fear to do the work. Um some of this work and bring up emotions that have been suppressed for a while and ah can be uncomfortable at times, but also very rewarding. Um and I learned to move past that by not over analyzing the problem and trusting myself that I can handle whatever comes my way.

What would you tell another man who's considering working with Alpha Hippie?

Phillip Irwin: Ah for any man considering Alpha Hippie ah highly recommend it. Ah It it offers a support system that um encourages you and challenges you to become a better version of yourself. And uh when you might be facing old patterns of behaviors uh that are difficult uh to get past, you have a great group of men ah that our work that are walking the journey and doing the work with you.

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