Erik Gundersen Alpha Hippie Testimonial

July 23, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erik Gundersen

Erik Gundersen: Hello! My name is Erik currently living in Austin, Texas. And what inspired me to do Alpha Hippie was um Angelo came on a company call and gave a really impactful good speech, and I decided to hit him up on his 30 minute free consultation. And next thing I know I was in the Alpha Hippie program.

Where have you seen the biggest improvements in your life having now completed the program?

Erik Gundersen: The areas in my life where I've been most impacted by the Alpha Hippie program have been with, um, learning how to listen a lot better and to be a lot more present with my wife and family. Um, Alpha Hippie has really helped me focus in on my core values. What really matters to me what's important in my life and how to achieve it. It has also helped me get out of my small thinking box, which I didn't realize I was in, but I was definitely in it. and Alpha Hippie has definitely improved my ability to go beyond where I was at the time that I started.

What was your biggest hurdle in signing up for the program, and how did you move past it?

Erik Gundersen: The biggest hurdle and starting the Alpha Hippie program was convincing my wife to spend the cash on a program. But once I convinced her that this program wasn't just for me it was for for the family, for everybody around me, she she agreed that it was it was definitely it was worth looking into and exploring. And I would say that the monetary aspect of Alpha Hippie was nominal compared to what I gained from it. Um I would have paid a lot more to get this insight to get these tools that were given to me and uh that I can use for a lifetime, so they're invaluable.

What would you tell another man who's considering working with Alpha Hippie?

Erik Gundersen: What I would tell other men out there that are considering getting started with Alpha Hippie. Is that um there's no reason not to do it. You can talk yourself out of it because of the cost of the program. But the benefits, the long term benefits of the program are are forever. So I recommend Alpha Hippie. 100%. Again, I believe that Alpha Hippie is. I've done programs similar to Alpha Hippie. Um and what I left about Alpha Hippie mainly was that they give you the tools I give you real tangible tools to create a lifestyle around ah uh this mindset of getting out of that, that small thinking and into a life that you can really thrive within. So again, I would highly recommend doing Alpha Hippie. Uh everybody in the program is spot on. Their true professionals and you're not going to find a group of men like this anywhere else that I've seen. Uh the other aspect is the the connection with other men. It was amazing to connect with other men that were also struggling with similar issues and problems and not so much struggling, but just, you know, have the similar, um, you know, road blocks that, that, that you may have. Um, and already I've, I've made lasting friends in the program. Uh, it's Angelo and Markus and, and Ryan give that opportunity also to stay in the program for a lifetime for as long as the program that exists. And so the, so the monthly alumni call is, is a great way to reconnect with those other Alpha Hippie members and, uh, and meet new people that come in every, every month after they graduate the first program. So I highly recommend it. Don't waste any time. It will change your life.

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