Amy Drinkwater - AIM Digital Marketing Update

July 12, 2021

Update about AIM product developments

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amy Drinkwater, Digital Customer Success Director , Campaigntrack

Exciting updates from the AIM team

AIM to be ready when they are, we’re ready when you are...

Amy Drinkwater: Oh, we are so excited to be launching a new logo, especially for AIM, so just like the other Realbase logos. It fits into the Realbase thing, but it's a bullseye target. So representing that AIM is a highly targeted marketing campaign. Um, so we're currently working through all the slide decks, the brochures all the marketing collateral to update with our new logo and branding, and we'll share that with everyone when it's all ready.

Agent X

How they fit with our AIM solution? How can they help your clients?

Amy Drinkwater: As most of, you know, Realbase has just launched a joint venture with the company in New Zealand. And the name of the new name for that is Agent X. So Agent X is a lead generation program for serious agents. Think of an integrated marketing program that coaches agents through lead generation. So it includes Google, Facebook and Youtube ads, landing page, email scripts, videos, sms, scripts plus much more. But what really gives Agent X. The X Factor is the coaching element that keeps agents accountable, which leads to successful lead gen campaigns. So at this stage, Agent X will be a soft launch. Um, but if you do know of any high performing serious agents who may be interested, um, please let us know otherwise we'll keep you updated as this new offering evolves.

Facebook lead generation ads.

What are they? When will they be available?

Amy Drinkwater: Our Digital Team have been working really hard on a new ad format. So these are Facebook lead gen ads, and so lead form ads are an effective way to get an inquiry. They include, um, image and copy like other ads, but they allow users to inquire without leaving the platform. So, like I said, the guys have been doing a lot of trials have been really successful, um, and we're hoping to be able to launch these ads in august, so again, we'll keep you updated when they're ready to go live.

Exciting times ahead, thanks to all the AIM team members.

You truly are the A-Team.

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