[Ada Owner] Connor Flaherty

December 08, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Connor Flaherty

What's your background?

Connor Flaherty: Hey there, I'm Connor I'm an Account Executive here at Ada been at the organization for around 2.5 years now. I'm based out of England. I'm remote in the digital world, but when I joined we were I think I was number 62 employee, and now we're up to around 400 so crazy to see the growth, and it's been an exciting 2.5 years.

What is the remote culture like at Ada?

Connor Flaherty: I think the digital-first strategy has been really exciting to see at Ada We've shifted everything online overnight, but we were really focused on that from the start. We've always been when we was back in the office, everything was made on Slack and I think we transitioned really well. My transition has been really good, I moved and was promoted up to an Account Executive in that time, and really the onboarding process again was super slick. It was great to see how we could enhance different types of products and different types of software to really make it an excellent and seamless promotion and onboarding session. But I will have to say that, you know with the digital world a lot more things change We have stuff like Corby, the magician. That's the key one. When you join Ada you'll know that and we have a lot of special guests joining weekly and monthly syncs so that's another cool part of about the culture at Ada is we always embody those values and really looking towards the future as well.

What qualities do people need to be successful here at Ada?

Connor Flaherty: I think what it means to be successful not only in the BDR and sales organization, but just Ada as a whole, you just want to learn. I think it's really simple, but really key, it's a real collaborative approach, especially in the BDR organization. You know, you can have some real tough days and some great days, but where we learn from both of those and I think it's really important to bring that grit and that determination to always want to succeed and do better. From when I was at Ada on the BDR org when I first started, I came out of a hospitality background and I think it's really key to being you know a success here at Ada, just wanting to learn and to get into software and learn something new, and really when when were a team of six and I think we're now up to around 30 it's really exciting to see that the collaborative approach is still ongoing here at Ada, and I think that's not just only in the BD organization, but absolutely across the board. So key to listen, be coachable and looking to always learn more.

What do you love about working at Ada, and being part of the Business Development team?

Connor Flaherty: What do I love about working at Ada, and the BDR team, working at Ada I think we've built an amazing product. and I love the transparency of the fact that we can live inside the product at any moment and I really recommend that from day one, get your hands in trying to build out and we've got some really great people building some really great things. From a BDR standpoint I think putting myself in and around intelligent people and learning from them has been, really key to my success. It's been a really great to see where other people have grown inside of the company as well, so that growth and, and the transparency from Mike, our CEO, and across the board has always been key to the success of just not only the BDR team, but the whole organization

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