[Ada Owner] Anna Kosior

December 08, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Kosior

What's your background?

Anna Kosior: Hey, my name is Anna Kosior I've been at Ada for just over two years. I started in the Business Development team just in Mid-Market, worked my way to Enterprise and then moved to a strategic role within Enterprise with an outbound focus, and then finally just earlier this year in March moved to the Mid-Market AE team and have been loving it ever since.

What is the remote culture like at Ada?

Anna Kosior: It was seamless when the pandemic kicked off that we already had the equipment to be remote only for that time being that it was not safe to go into the office. We were allowed a work-from-home spending budget to make sure that the actual place within our home was conducive to producing our best work and now that we're in this place where restrictions are kind of tapering off and lifting a bit that we now have partnered with WeWork so there can be that hybrid model and we'll be able to plan days that we can go in and just see coworkers, I think that's actually been I think a really incredible development every step of the way kind of through the pandemic and its changes, the thing that I felt the most at Ada is that safety was first, but also the consideration as to how not only we work the best but keeping in mind mental health, physical health but things like our spending budget for wellness activities, but also just in terms of listening to feedback on what's working, what's not working so we felt you know as employees I felt like I was definitely collaborating in the process and that's always very appreciated.

What qualities do people need to be successful here at Ada?

Anna Kosior: I think communication is everything in terms of course relaying the message to companies, just what we're doing and getting them excited to be a part of it and just understanding the impact that automation can truly have on their business. Plus we're working with a lot of teams internally in order to make this happen, we have partnerships and solutions consultants and a lot of folks that are rooting for our success, so not only clear communication outwards, but also inwards within the people who you're speaking with every day. In addition to that it is the nature of the beast, you are going to have some objections and some setbacks, so you need to keep a consistently positive mindset and go in knowing the things that you can control in your day and what are maybe the hardest things for you to accomplish. Maybe that's cold calling maybe that's writing an email to someone very specific and prioritizing that so you can do that when you have the most energy and then kind of roll with the punches as you get into more reactionary tasks throughout the day. In addition, I think grit as well is incredibly important. You need to be gritty, you need to think strategically and really take on a mentality of ownership when you are working at Ada or really anywhere in general. I think that's the cool thing about working here as everybody really is working to be successful and hit their goals and by osmosis, it can be really infectious to get kind of caught up with that energy that makes you want to do the same thing too.

What do you love about working at Ada, and being part of the Business Development team?

Anna Kosior: The first thing that I'll mention is definitely the management, all the managers that I've had are definitely in my corner, are there to be mentors, keep me accountable, keep me motivated and everybody else on the team as well, but I feel really blessed to have the opportunity to work with some of the folks that I have in that capacity so I think even based on my previous experience not all managers are made the same, so it's great to see that there's that quality in terms of who they're choosing based on their excitement to lead and share their knowledge and help get you to that next stage of your career.

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