ACX Appreciation

February 16, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Juan Pablo Guerra, Director of Operations, // Eric Witman, System Specialist, The Boston Globe. Steve Markley, Chatbot Specialist, Square

What's so special about Ada's ACX team?

Steve Markley: Ada's ACX Consultants help me be successful just by the amazing support that they provide. Whether it's asking just a generic question about how-to or just chatting through ideas about how to use the bot, I really appreciate them.

Steve Markley: The impact the ACX team has had on our business is great. We are venturing into automation, and the ACX team has helped us build that strategy. And I appreciate all the work that they do. okay?

Eric Witman: Ada's ACX team has been invaluable to the Boston Globe. We get suggestions from them as well as input and advice for how to make the bot better - things that will improve efficiencies and how to tailor questions to our business. I don't know where we would be without their input from the beginning until now.

Juan Pablo Guerra: The impact of Ada's ACX team is twofold. The first one is the obvious. They they provide a really, really good tool that makes our team's work - - their work easier and therefore, provide a better customer experience for our customers. And the second one, which is the main one, is because they they inspire us to be a better team. They worked really good together. They really care about the customers. They really care about the tool. They really care about improving. They have have fun while while they work. At least that's what it looks like! And it's really amazing to see what a great culture Ada has.

Thank you to our ACX Team!

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