ActionFlow: In Your Words! Jeananne Hollenback

December 09, 2022

Jeananne Hollenback, Residential PM with Santarossa Marble and Granite

Video Transcript

Speakers: Jeananne Hollenback , Residential PM, Santarossa

Tell us a little bit about your company and how long you've been with ActionFlow.

Jeananne Hollenback : This is Jeananne Hollenback. I work for Santarossa, Marble and Granite in Indianapolis, Indiana. Santarossa has been in business since 1924. It's an icon of our community, started out as a terrazzo business and I believe in the eighties, somewhere along the line, we started into the world of slab material fabricating, installing. We have a great group of artisans here. Many of the staff that work at Santarossa have been here for generations and been here for years. It's a great company to work for. We started using ActionFlow about a year and a half ago, shortly before I started working for Santarossa. So I was in at the ground level with ActionFlow here at Santarossa.

Can you describe the biggest obstacles in your way prior to starting ActionFlow?

Jeananne Hollenback : I started working with Santarossa just as they adopted ActionFlow. I didn't have any experience prior to that as far as the issues that they were having, but I believe it wasn't what they used before wasn't quite as robust as ActionFlow. There were more details that ActionFlow provided, as well as integrating the inventory module, being able to track the inventory. So I think that was a big factor in being able to use, adopting ActionFlow, as well as the more detailed information that we could get with ActionFlow.

How has ActionFlow helped you overcome those obstacles?

Jeananne Hollenback : Specifically, the inventory module has helped quite a bit with keeping track of the slabs as they move from our warehouse through production. It's been a great asset.

What would you say to someone considering making the switch to ActionFlow?

Jeananne Hollenback : To anyone who was considering ActionFlow, I would say yes, definitely. Give it a shot. All the different modules scheduling, the do now lists, accountability and, the inventory. It's all been a great asset for us and I think it was a really good move for the company.

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